• Brief description of fabric drape tester

    Fabric drape tester is used to measure the drape performance of various fabrics, such as: drape coefficient, the number of ripples on the fabric surface. Meet the standards: FZ/T 01045, GB/T23329 and other standards. Fabric drape tester features: 1, all stainless steel shell. 2, can measure the...
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  • Drick 150L Biochemical Incubator

    This 150L biochemical incubator is suitable for constant temperature cultivation of bacteria, molds, microorganisms and breeding. It is an ideal equipment for scientific research and production in the fields of biological genetic engineering, agriculture and forestry science, aquatic products, an...
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  • DRK-SPE216 Automatic solid phase extraction instrument

    The DRK-SPE216 automatic solid phase extraction instrument adopts a modular suspension design, relying on a precise and flexible robotic arm, a multi-functional sampling needle, and a highly integrated pipeline system, which greatly improves the efficiency of sample pretreatment and brings you ea...
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  • New Product Recommendation: Fat Meter

    The fat analyzer is an instrument that extracts and separates organic substances such as fat according to the principle of Soxhlet extraction. The instrument has five extraction methods: Soxhlet standard method (national standard method), Soxhlet thermal extraction, thermal extraction, continuous...
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  • Fat analyzer is a simple instrument for analyzing the fat content of food

    Fat is an indispensable nutrient for human beings. If you blindly avoid fat elements, it will cause a series of problems such as malnutrition. Moreover, the level of fat content is also an important indicator of food quality and nutritional value. Therefore, fat determination has long been a rout...
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  • Drick rubber aging tank

    Rubber aging box series are used for thermal oxygen aging test of rubber, plastic products, electrical insulation materials and other materials. Its performance conforms to GB/T 3512 “Rubber hot air aging test method” national standard related to the “test device” requirem...
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